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Renner accessories originate from passion and fascination for motorbikes and motorbike sports. As we started in 2003 we aimed at designing and producing safety products which protect the bike against damages in case of spill. We also invented and designed a lot of other useful accessories which are necessary during daily operation as well as on the racecourse: sliders, screws, knobs, handle bar’s ends and stand supports.


We understand that Your bike is worth a lot for You. We created the system of Controlled Flexion Area®. The significant disadvantages of former versions of crash pads have been eliminated. The relatively weak plastic parts have been changed into strong metal.
The diversified durabilities of the elements guarantee that the energy of friction is absorbed and neither the frame nor the engine is damaged.


The unique design of our products adds sporting, professional character of the bike.
Renner brand gained the respect of the winners of racing championship in Europe. The everyday cruising and extraordinary slides prove the effectiveness of our safety equipment.